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Industrial Recruiting

Companies looking for chemistry graduate students set up interviews and presentations through Chris Lundby in the front office (139 Smith Hall.) On-campus recruiting is welcome at all times, but the bulk of the activities is during fall semester. Chris also keeps an email list of job-seekers, with whom she shares position/opening announcements throughout the year.

CSE Career Services is also available in 105 Lind Hall. They serve all students (graduate and undergraduates) throughout CSE.

Before Leaving the Department

Notify Nancy Thao of your anticipated month of graduation. This is important to make sure you will not have any outstanding tuition/fees after graduation.

Submit the online form:  “What are your plans after graduation?”

Are you willing to grant an exit interview regarding your graduate experience? If so, take a few minutes to complete the Exit Interview or set-up an appointment with the Director of Graduate Studies, or Nancy Thao, Assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies.

Notify the Chemistry Accounting Office that you are leaving; include the date of your last day on payroll. You may e-mail: Denise Hehir or stop by 141 Smith Hall.

Return your department keys to Lynne Johnsrud in 139 Smith Hall and collect your key deposit(s).

Contact the Chemistry Electronics shop regarding your email address to arrange forwarding or be removed for the Chemistry email alias. You may e-mail: Bruce Moe or stop by 135 Smith.

As a student who will be recieving a degree from the U of MN, you are eligible to continue to have your email address remain active after graduation. More info here under "Leaving the University"

We encourage you to contact the postal office to set-up mail forwarding however, if you have departmental mail that needs forwarding, e-mail: Richard Finger or stop by S-13 Smith Hall.

Submit the Graduate Assistant Health Plan-Change or Cancellation Form to terminate your health coverage, or else extend your coverage at your own cost. Your health coverage will discontinue at the end of the month of your last day of employment. For example, if your appointment ends on March 15th, you’re automatically covered until the end of March. Note: If you held a 50% appointment in fall/spring semesters you’re automatically eligible for summer coverage at no extra cost.

International Students only: Contact ISSS in person or by phone at 612-626-7100 to make sure your visa status is updated and in compliance. This is especially important if you are staying in the United States after graduation. More info here

Keeping in touch

We hope you will stay in touch with the department and your fellow classmates. There are a couple ways to do this. First, keep your contact information up to date on the University of Minnesota Alumni Foundation website. The Department of Chemistry uses this database for is mid-year electronic newsletter Communique, and its annual printed newsletter ChemNews. You can access both of these newsletters online. Second, please send us news of your accomplishments, awards, research developments for posting on the Department of Chemistry website, and on its Alumni webpage. Send that information to Communications Coordinator Eileen Harvala at