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Finding Employment

Industrial Job Recruiters - Companies looking for chemistry graduate students set up interviews and presentations through the front office (139 Smith Hall.) On-campus recruiting is welcome at all times, but the bulk of the activities is during fall semester. We also keep an email list of job-seekers, with whom we share position/opening announcements throughout the year.

Opportunities From the ACS

ACS Office of Graduate Education
Preparing Future Chemistry Faculty Web Resource
Career Information
Careers and Jobs
Additional Resources and Links

Graduate School - Also offers links to various Professional Development opportunities ranging from Grant Writing Skills to Job Searching Resources.

IT Career Services Office - IT Career Services (ITCS) can assist you at every stage of your education and career development. Here you'll have many resources at your disposal: career advising, workshops, job search strategies, on-campus recruiting, career fairs, a resource center, and online job and resume postings.