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Funding Opportunities

Travel Grants - The purpose of this program is to encourage the participation of graduate students in attending and making research presentations at scientific meetings appropriate for their fields. Ten awards are given to senior graduate students each year.

ACS Women Chemists Committee Travel Awards

TA Award - An award recognizing excellence in teaching is given each year to one or more Teaching Assistants that are nominated by their students. It is sponsored by the Pillsbury and its parent company, Grand Metropolitan PLC, and includes a $1,000 cash award.

Graduate School - Graduate fellowships, awards based on academic merit, are available to new and currently enrolled graduate students at the University of Minnesota. The Graduate School Fellowship Office administers University-wide fellowships. Applications may be obtained from the Fellowship Office or may be filled out online, printed out, and sent to the Fellowship Office by the designated deadline. The Office also administers the National Science Foundation Fellowships program.

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