The Bulmann Group in the University of Minnasota Departmental and University News
August 2013 Buhlmann group receives 'Best Poster Award'
July 2013 Ion-Selective Electrodes Detect Environmental Pollutants
May 2013 Philippe Buhlmann promoted to professor
August 2012 New research aids in the detection of explosives
March 2012 University Innovations 2012 celebration event
November 2011 Million-fold improvement in selectivities with carbonate sensors
July 2011 Article features work of high school researcher
June 2011 Chemistry researchers receive IREE large grant
December 2010 Reseach assistant earns poster session award at expo
December 2010 University of Minnesota licenses sensor technology to Minnesota startup
June 2008 Highly Selective Receptor-Based Chemical Sensors With Picomolar Detection Limits

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