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Robert C. Allen





August 2008 - December 2012:  PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).  Advisor:  Professor Sarah C. Rutan
Allen, R. C. (2012). Investigations into Background Correction and Retention Time Alignment to Enhance Quantitative Chemometric Analysis of Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography-Diode Array Detection Data (Doctoral dissertation, Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia).
May 2001 - December 2004:  M.S., George Mason University (GMU).  Advisor:  Professor Gregory D. Foster
August 1997 - May 2001:  B.S., GMU.


Current position:

December 2012 – current:  Postdoctoral associate at University of Minnesota.  Advisor:  Professor Peter W. Carr


Current research:

1)  Exploring sources of retention time variability in the first dimension of comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography (LCxLC).
2)  Incorporating the use of a spectral dimension into peak detection for LCxLC-DAD data.
3)  Investigating the impact of a changing first dimension retention time for LCxLC-DAD data on PARAFAC based methods.



1- Larson, E. D.; Groskreutz, S. R.; Harmes, D. C.; Gibbs-Hall, I. C.; Trudo, S. P.; Allen, R. C.; Sarah C. Rutan; Stoll, D. R.; Development of Selective Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography with Parallel First Dimension Sampling and Second
Dimension Separation – Application to the Quantitative Analysis of Furanocoumarins in Apiaceous Vegetables, Anal. Bioanal. Chem, submitted
2- Allen, R. C.; John, M. G.; Rutan, S. C.; Filgueira, M. R.; Carr, P. W.; Effect of background correction on peak detection and quantification in online comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography using diode array detection, , J. Chromatogr. A, 1254 (2012) 51-61
3- Tistaert, C.; Bailey, H.P.; Allen, R.C.; Heyden, Y.V.; Rutan, S.C.; Resolution of spectrally rank deficient multivariate curve resolution - alternating least squares components in LCxLC-DAD analysis, J. Chemom., 26 (2012) 474-486
4- Allen, R. C.; Rutan, S. C.; Semi-automated alignment and quantification of peaks using parallel factor analysis for comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography-diode array detector data sets, Anal. Chim. Acta, 723 (2012) 7-17
5- Allen, R.C.; Rutan, S. C.; Investigation of interpolation techniques for the reconstruction of the first dimension of LC´LC-DAD data, Anal. Chim. Acta, 2011, 705 (2011) 253-260



1- Allen, R.C.; Rutan, S. C.; Carr, P. W.; Impact of a Changing First Dimension Sampling Phase in Fast On-Line LC´LC on PARAFAC Based Methods, Minneosta Chromatography Forum, May 2012
2- Allen, R. C.; Rutan, S. C.; Overview of Quantitation in Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Chromatography; Minnesota Chromatography Forum, May 2012
3- Allen, R. C.; Rutan, S. C.; Analysis Of Comprehensive Two Dimensional Liquid Chromatography – Diode Array Detector Data After Automated Chromatographic Alignment, Pittcon, March 2011
4- Allen, R. C.; Rutan, S. C.; The Development of an Interpolation-Based Approach to the Alignment of Fast LCxLC-DAD Chromatograms, FACSS, October 2010



1- Haidar Ahmad, I. A., Barnes, B. B.; Allen, R. C.; Carr, P. W.; Wan, X.; Barber. W. E.; Challenges in Coupling MS to Fast Online Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography (LCxLC), HPLC conference, June 2013
2- Haidar Ahmad, I. A., Barnes, B.B.; Allen, R. C.; Carr, P. W.; Capabilities and Limitations of Fast Online Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography (LCxLC):  Challenges of Coupling MS to LCxLC, ASMS conference, June 2013
3- Allen, R.C.; Rutan, S. C.; Filgueira, M. R.; Carr, P. W.; Comparison of selected quantification methods for comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography diode array detector data, HPLC conference, June 2012
4- Allen, R. C.; Rutan, S. C.; Alignment of 2D LC-DAD chromatograms by interpolation, ACS, August 2009