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Suman Karki
837 Como Ave Apt 21
St. Paul, MN 55103
Phone: 602-617-1187


Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry                                                                           Expected Dec 2012
College of Science and Engineering, UMN

Key Skills and Laboratory Experience



  1. Dean’s Honor list, Phoenix College                                                         Fall 2008-Spring 2009


Leadership Experience

Board Member, Small World Coffee Hour, U of M                                       Fall 2011- Present

  1. Plan and organize biweekly cultural theme events hosting around 300-500 international students
  2. Successfully collected funds for events through Grant Proposal

Executive Board Member, UMN LinkUP Program, U of M                 Fall 2010- Spring 2011             

  1. Planned events and worked with college liaisons to recruit freshmen.

Special Project Ambassador, International Student Ambassador, U of M  Fall 2010- Spring 2011

  1. Interviewed all Undergraduate and Graduate Ambassadors to make an official video for ISA.
  2. Interviewed respective faculty members in response to the FAQs by the prospective students.

Security Monitor, Security Monitor Program, U of M                                      Fall 09- Present

  1. Patrol and escort services to help people around campus safe and ensured building safety.

MATCH Program, U of M                                                                                Summer 2011

  1. Shared University of Minnesota experience with high school students visiting different colleges