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December 23, 2009   Eugene Beletskiy has passed his oral exam.

December 3, 2009  

Chris Douglas thanks the editorial board at Thieme Synthesis and Synlett for a Journal Award in 2010.

November 18, 2009   Chris Douglas gives an invited lecture at Hamline University.

October 23, 2009   Michael Wentzel presented his research at the Midwest Regional ACS Meeting held in Iowa City, IA.

September 10, 2009   Huy Nguyen, a chemistry undergraduate student, will be working with Giang Hoang as a Directed Studies student throughout 2009-2010.

August 20, 2009  

Elic Yagodkin, with collaborators Yu Xia and Vivek Kalihari of the Frisbie Group (Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science), are co-authors on their paper, "Synthesis, Solid State Properties, and Semiconductor Measurements of Tetrachlorotetracene," published as an ASAP article in Journal of Physical Chemistry, C. Read it.

August 17–20, 2009   Ashley Dreis and Jagan Reddy present their research at the Fall 2009 National ACS Conference, held in Washington DC.

July 10, 2009   Michael Wentzel, Jagan Reddy, and Todd Hyster are co-authors on their paper, "Chemoselectivity in Catalytic C–C and C–H Bond Activation: Controlling Intermolecular Carboacylation and Hydroarylation of Alkenes," published as an Early View article in Angewandte Chemie, International Edition. Read it.

June 15, 2009   Susie Krzmarzick and Chris Douglas hosted ECEPS participants as part of the "Molecules, Electricity, and Light" day with the UMN's Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC), the Organic Optoelectronic Interfaces Group. ECEPS participants made glow sticks from trichlorophenyl oxalate (TCPO) and rubrene/diphenylanthracene. Read more.

June 8, 2009   Elic Yagodkin presented his research at the National Organic Symposium held in Boulder, Colorado.

June 3, 2009   We have three students for the summer. Patrick Homyak comes to us from Winona State Unversity with the MRSEC program. Mike Capp attends Montana State University and is a LANDO student. Sam Levi attends the Blake HS in Minneapolis, and took Organic Chemistry I (Chem 2301) with Chris Douglas in the spring.

June 2, 2009   Michael Wentzel presented his research at the 8th Annual Chemistry Graduate Research Symposium.

April 29, 2009 Susie Krzmarzick has received an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program award for research over the fall of 2009. She also received Robert C. Brasted Memorial Fellowship, to encourage undergraduates interested in teaching at higher-education institutions.

April 2, 2009   Susie Krzmarzick has received a Heisig/Gleysteen Summer Research Fellowship to conduct research over the summer of 2009.

March 16, 2009   Our lab is growing. We have just expanded into Kolthoff 563 and are sharing space with the Harned Group in Kolthoff 561. With this expansion, we have added six additional fume hoods for a total of 12.

March 12, 2009   Chad Larson has successfully defended his honors thesis "Exploration into Substrate and Co-Catalyst Directed Catalytic Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Hydrogen Sigma Bond Activation."

March 5, 2009   Chris Douglas has received a 3M Nontenured Faculty Grant for his proposed work in Flexible Single Crystal Organic Electronic Devices. We thank 3M for supporting our endeavors.

February 26, 2009   Dr. Sudheer Chava has joined the laboratory as a postdoctoral researcher.

February 12, 2009   Ashley Dreis has passed her oral preliminary exam.

January 22, 2009   Susie Krzmarzick, an undergraduate majoring in chemistry, will be working with our laboratory as an undergraduate researcher.

January 20, 2009   Giang Hoang has passed his oral preliminary exam.

Next Year: 2010. Previous Year: 2008