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Gagliardi Research Group
March 2017

Gagliardi Group Research

The Gagliardi group develops novel quantum chemical methods and applies them to study phenomena related to sustainable energies, with special focus on chemical systems relevant to catalysis, spectroscopy, photochemistry, and gas separation. We are interested in modeling molecular species, materials, and interfaces. We explore actinide and transactinide chemistry, with the aim of understanding the chemical bonding in molecular species and the processes that govern the formation of actinide-based materials relevant to the spent nuclear fuel reprocessing. We also explore phenomena related to gas separation. Read more about the Gagliardi Group research on the research overview page.

In July 2017, the Minnesota Workshop on ab initio Modeling in Solid State Chemistry with CRYSTAL will be held at the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus. For details and registration (closes on May 2, 2017), look here and here.

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"Elucidating bonding preferences in tetrakis(imido)uranate(vi) dianions"

Synopsis: A combined experimental and theoretical study reports the first synthesis of tetrakis(imido)uranate, elucidates its structural preference and offers a general strategy to activate robust U-N bonds by increasing the number of π-donors to a uranium center.
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