Ken Leopold Group Microwave Spectroscopy Lab
University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry

As chemists, we routinely toggle back and forth between molecular and bulk descriptions of matter. However, we are generally less apt to think about the intermediate regime in which relative small groups of molecules are clustered into embryonic forms of bulk material. Our group works in the area of cluster science, whose broad aim is to understand how the properties of individual molecules evolve into those of macroscopic samples. We perform high resolution spectroscopic studies of small molecular clusters, from which we elicit extraordinary detail about molecular and electronic structure. Computational chemistry, at times, is used to support our work. The insights gained underlie our understanding of many diverse topics ranging from solvation to the chemistry of the atmosphere.


Kenneth R. Leopold Group

Department of Chemistry

University of Minnesota


Office: 217 Smith Hall

Office Phone: 612-625-6072

Lab: 33 Smith Hall

Lab Phone: 612-625-6352