Nano-/Biomaterials Science

The Taton Group researches the interface between nanomaterials science, polymer chemistry, and chemical biology, both as a way of synthesizing new materials with tailorable properties and as a way of manipulating biological molecules and how they interact on the nanometer scale. We develop new nanocomposite materials, biomolecular labels, vehicles for drug delivery, and tools for biological imaging, genomics, and proteomics.

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Recent Group News:

(5/24/10) Welcome to Kristen Wagner, a new undergraduate researcher! Kristen is working with Jun Sung Kang on nanoparticles as solid-phase supports and indicators in PCR-based diagnostics. We wish you success!

(4/19/10) Welcome to Santosh Khatwani, a new postdoctoral fellow in the Taton group! Santosh will be jointly advised by Prof. Mark Distefano, and will be cloning and overexpressing proteins with special fusion tags for covalent attachment to nanostructured surfaces. Best of luck!

(1/1/10) Welcome to our newest group members!

Amanda Maxwell is studying chemically triggered degradation in hydrogel biomaterials,

Brady Jones is developing bioconjugate chemistries for fluorescent and magnetic nanoparticles, and

Chandru Ramasubramanian is synthesizing new crosslinkers and monomers for pharmaceutically degradable biomaterials.

Best of luck on your new projects!