Group Members


T. Andrew Taton
Ph.D. Harvard University, 1998
B.S. Yale University, 1992

425 Smith


Postdoctoral Fellows/Visiting Scientists

Santosh Khatwani
Ph.D. University of Kentucky, 2010
M.S. Shivaji University (India), 2000


Graduate Students

Brady Brady Jones
B.S. Carthage College (WI), 2009

439 Smith

Jun Sung Kang
M.S. Korea University, 2006
B.S. Korea University, 2004

439 Smith

Amanda Amanda Maxwell
B.S. Luther College (IA), 2008

439 Smith

Walt Partlo
B.S. Central Michigan University, 2007

439 Smith

chandru Chandru Ramasubramanian
B.S. Birla Institute of Technology and Science (Goa, India), 2009

439 Smith

Alexi Young
B.S. St. John's University (MN), 2004

439 Smith



Isaac Marks


Kristen Wagner



Past Group Members: Ph.D. Students, Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Scientists

Ying Chen

Ph.D. Student, 2003-2007
(Thesis: Photo-cross-linked Surfactant Shells Improve Stability and Bioconjugate Chemistry of Nanoparticle Biolabels)

Currently: Research Scientist, Beckman-Coulter

Bill Doering

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2003
Currently: Scientist, Oxonica, Ltd.

Aimee Herdt

Ph.D. Student, 2001-2007
(Thesis: Engineering Biomolecules and Nanostructures for Bioconjugate Chemistry)

Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville
(Eckman Group)

Youngjong Kang

Ph.D. Student, 2001-2005
(Thesis: Encapsulation and One-Dimensional Alignment of Nanomaterials within Cross-linked Block Copolymer Micelles)
Currently: Assistant Professor, Hanyang University

Byeong-Su Kim

Ph.D. Student, 2002-2007
(Thesis: Encapsulation of Nanoparticles in Block Copolymer Micelles and Applications in Biotechnology)
Currently: Assistant Professor, UNIST (Korea)

Castro Laicer

Ph.D. Student, 2001-2007
(Thesis: Controlling Self-Assembly and Anisotropy of Polymer Materials with Nanorods)
Currently: Scientist, Donaldson Company

Kevin Landmark

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2008-2010

Randy Mrozek

Ph.D. Student, 2001-2006
(Thesis: Preferential Nucleation and Alignment of Polymer Mesophases by Carbon Nanotubes)
Currently: Research Scientist, US Army Research Laboratory

Xavier Parra

Visiting Scientist, 2009
Currently: Ph.D. Student, University of Valencia (Spain)

Yariv Pinto

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2003-2005
     (with R. Kiehl, K. Musier-Forsyth)
Currently: Research Staff, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Yuji Shibasaki

Visiting Scientist, 2005-2006
Currently: Associate Professor, Iwate University


Past Group Members: Undergraduates, M.S. Students and Technicians

Shayra Arocho

Undergraduate, 2001-2002
Currently: Operations Manager, Pepsico

Jon Athmann

Lando Summer Undergraduate, 2008
Currently: Ph.D. Student, University of Minnesota
(Tolman Group)

Carolina Avendano

Lando Summer Undergraduate, 2002
Currently: Ph.D. Student, Texas A&M University
(Dunbar Group)
Kelly Carnahan

Summer Undergraduate, 2008
Currently: B.S. Student, Tufts University

Juhee Cho

M.S. Student, 2005-2007
(Thesis: Photo-Functionalization and Bioconjugation of Block Copolymer-Encapsulated Au Nanoparticles)

Jin-Hwa (Andrew) Chung

M.S. Student, 2005-2007
(Thesis: Selective Surface Chemistry of Micropatterned Cell Mimics)
Currently: Military Service, Korea

Andrew Cleland

Undergraduate, 2009-2010

Ara Celi DiCostanzo

Undergraduate, 2008-2009
Currently: Postbaccalaureate Researcher, Mayo Clinic (MN)

Sarah Drawz

Lab Technician, 2001-2002
Currently: M.D.-Ph.D. Student, Case Western Reserve University

Kris Erickson

Undergraduate, 2004-2005
Currently: Ph.D. Student, University of California, Berkeley
(Zettl Group)

Brett Glawe

Lando Summer Undergraduate, 2003

Luke Heinzen

Undergraduate, 2009
Currently: B.S. Student, University of Minnesota

Vince Holmberg

Undergraduate, 2002-2004
Currently: Ph.D. Student, University of Texas, Austin
(Korgel Group)

Bill Knopke

Undergraduate, 2001-2002
Currently: Scientist, ISurTec

Cecilie Lin

Lando Summer Undergraduate, 2004
Currently: Ph.D. Student, Harvard University
(Walz Group)

Haitao Liu

Graduate Student, 2001-2002
Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University
(Brus Group)

Francisco Rodrigo Molina

Undergraduate, 2002-2003
Currently: Ph.D. Student, University of Oxford

James Ormes

Undergraduate, 2001-2002
Currently: Research Chemist, Merck

Kyle Page

Undergraduate, 2002-2003
Currently: Engineer, Hutchinson Technology, Inc.

Ryan Peterson

Undergraduate, 2002

Tony Reuter

Undergraduate, 2008-2009
Currently: B.S. Student, University of Minnesota

Peter Simone

Pre-Grad Summer Student, 2004
Currently: Research Scientist, H.B. Fuller

Nate Sit

Summer Undergraduate, 2004
Currently: M.D. Student, University of Minnesota

Ingrid Surjami

Undergraduate, 2009

Anita Tavakley

Undergraduate, 2003-2004
Currently: Technical Development Researcher, 3M

Anh Tran

Undergraduate, 2002
Currently: Pharmacist, MN

Sarah Twomey

Undergraduate, 2009-2010

Macklin Warrington

Lando Summer Undergraduate, 2009
Currently: B.S. Student, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Caitlyn Wilke

Undergraduate, 2003-2004
Currently: Research Fellow, University of Illinois-Chicago and Novo Nordisk

Jenny Wu

Undergraduate, 2001-2002

Chao Zuo

M.S. Student, 2005-2007
(Thesis: Crosslinked, Block-Copolymer Shells Preserve Nanoparticle Morphology)


If you are an undergraduate, graduate student or potential postdoctoral researcher interested in joining the Taton Group's effort to apply nanotechnology to problems in biology and materials science, feel free to contact Andy about available positions in the group.