Research Presentations on the Web: New Vehicles for Communicating Science

Like other research groups, we publish the results of our research work in scientific journals, and give oral and poster presentations at scientific meetings. However, these formats are not well suited to explain the motivation behind our work and its technological implications to broader audiences. We are experimenting with making short videos, using web-based presentation software (such as Macromedia Breeze), in an effort to inform students, news organizations, policy makers, and other non-scientists about our research. We will be adding presentations to this site as time goes on, so stay posted. If you have any feedback about the content of the presentations, feel free to contact either the authors or Prof. Taton.

Available presentations:

"Encapsulation of Nanoparticles in Block Copolymer Micelles and Applications in Biotechnology"
"" (Korean version)
by Byeong-Su Kim

"Ordering Block Copolymer Materials with Nanorods"
by Castro Laicer


"Alignment of Anisotropic Materials using Nanoparticles"
by Randy Mrozek