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August 11th 2017 - Our JACS paper was written up in Synfacts! (DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1590669)

August 9th 2017 - Paper number three is online!(DOI: 10.1002/ejoc.201700693)

July 1st 2017 - The Topczewski lab wins safest lab for the spring semester

June 28th 2017 - Matt wins a poster award at the National Organic Symposium(See the story here)

June 25th - June 29th 2017 - Joe, Amy, Mary and Matt are in Davis at the National Organic Symposium

Group Photo
Davis is beautiful!

June 21st 2017 - Vicky accepted a job at Phillips 66! Way to go!

June 5th 2017 - Alex Gomez joins the lab as a summer LANDO student

June 2nd 2017 - Our second paper got accepted in JACS! (DOI: 10.1021/jacs.7b04203)

January 17th 2017 - Amy, Mary and Matt are all officially PhD candidates now!

November 21st 2016 – En-Chih Liu, Ryan Daley, and Angela Carlson join the lab

September 10th 2016 – Cristian Calcanas joins the lab

August 20th 2016 – Labs 1st Paper goes online (DOI: 10.1002/ejoc.201600856)

August 3rd 2016 – Market Science General Chemistry visits Nokomis Market

So many people! So much science!

July 6th 2016 – Su Nguyen Joins the lab as a summer LANDO student

July 1st 2016 – Grant is funded from Petroleum Research Fund

June 4th 2016 – General chemistry Market Science event at Midtown Market!

March 16th 2016 - Spring Break means it's time for a break from the lab! Mini-golfing sounds great!

The Top Lab has an adventure!

January 20th 2016 – Korbyn Danielson and James Cox joined the lab

November 18th 2015 – Matt Porter and Mary Packard join the lab!

November 15th 2015 – Our first really awesome preliminary result! 97% ee!!

October 2015 – Our first grant is submitted

September 20th 2015 – Charlie Goshey joins the lab

September 9th 2015 – Kick off the new semester! Who is ready for synthesis?

September 6th 2015 – Prof. Topczewski is at the state fair CSP booth

August 28th 2015 – Glove Box is installed

August 22nd 2015 – Prof. Topczewski and Amy help out at Market Science with Corn!

July 17th 2015 – GC-FID is installed

July 10th 2015 – HPLC is installed

July 9th 2015 – CombiFlash is installed

July 7th 2015 – First reaction is run

July 6th 2015 – Amy Ott joins the lab

July 6th 2015 – Victoria Suding joins the lab

July 6th 2015 – Rami Shaker joins the lab

July 1st 2015 – Professor Topczewski is here full time

June 8th 2015 – Dr. Pratik Goswami joins the lab as a postdoctoral associate

June 5th 2015 – Equipment starts to arrive

February 28th 2015 – Departmental recruiting weekend

February 25th 2015 – The first order is away! I repeat the first order is away!

February 16th 2015 – Professor Topczewski officially joins the University of Minnesota Department of Chemistry.