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How to read ChartField Strings

How To Read ChartField Strings

ChartField numbers for the new Enterprise Financial System (EFS) can be confusing.  ChartField strings can have up to 7 fields. Understanding the structure of each field will help you determine which numbers should be entered in which fields.

The Fund and DeptID Fields

The Fund and DeptID fields are the only 2 fields that are always required.  Here is what they look like:


4 numeric digits. 
- Sponsored accounts begin with 3
- non-sponsored with 1


5 numeric digits.  For Chemistry accounts this is 11098

The Fund and DeptID should be the first two parts of the budget number, usually separated by a dash.

The Program and Project Fields

The next two budget fields are the Program and Project fields.  One or the other is required.  Program is used in non-sponsored accounts while Project is used for sponsored accounts.  Only rarely will both appear in a budget string.  You can determine Program from Project by the length and first number:


5 numeric digits, beginning with 2


8 numeric digits, beginning with 0


The CF1 and CF2 Fields

Called Chart Field 1 (CF1) and Chart Field 2 (CF2), these two fields are used only with Programs.  If a ChartField string includes a CF1 or CF2, it must be used in every transaction.


10 alpha-numeric characters
- the only field with alphabetic characters.


10 numeric digits, beginning with 100000


The FinEE Field

The FinEE (also called EmplID) is the U of Minnesota employee ID number of the account owner.  If FinEE appears in a ChartField string, it must appear in every transaction.


7 numeric digits

Example 1:   1000-11098-20094

The first two numbers are the Fund and DeptID codes.  The last number must be the Program since it is a 5 digit number beginning with 2.

Example 2:   3002-11098-05196927-UMSPR-1

Again, the first two numbers are the Fund and DeptID.  The third value in this example is Project, since it is 8 characters long and begins with a 0 (therefore, a sponsored account). For all sponsored accounts, the fourth field, PCBU, is always "UMSPR" and the fifth field, Activity, is always "1". These last two fields must appear in every transaction involving sponsored accounts.

Example 3:   1000-11098-20000-0638632-1000002719

The Fund is 1000 and the DeptID is 11098.  The next number is 5 digits beginning with 2, so is a Program.  The fourth is the 7 digit FinEE and the last number is the 10 digit number starting with 100000 and is the CF2