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"Midrash" by George Barany (April 20, 2012)

This puzzle accompanied a "sermon" (25 min video; click here for pdf) that I gave, entitled "The Spirit of Survival: Life Lessons of Holocaust Survivors" on April 20, 2012, at Mount Zion Synagogue in St. Paul, Minnesota. The puzzle reveals the name of our current rabbi, and an eminent past rabbi who recently passed away. The "sermon" is a meditation on the remarkable lives of my parents, Drs. Kate and Michael Bárány, who both passed away (6 weeks apart) in the summer of 2011. Click here for a video version.

My co-author, Joseph Konstan, graduated from the same New York high school (Stuyvesant) as I did, albeit 12 years later, is a fellow Distinguised McKnight University Professor at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities), and a past-President of the congregation.

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