Green Eggs and Canadian Bacon

by Craig Mazin and George Barany

This Thursday-ish puzzle, with a political theme, was released during our Winter of Discontent, at a critical point in the 2016 American primary season. After completing the puzzle (spoiler), click on the name of one of the puzzle's co-constructors to learn why he was uniquely qualified for this project; you may also enjoy reading this article, which is just one of many that are easily found by entering the appropriate key words into your favorite search engine [Bonus: Click here and search "game changer"]

Click here to view or download the puzzle in PDF format; here to download it as an ipuz file [requires the free Puzzazz app to solve]. Other formats to play the puzzle, as well as the solution and an over-ambitious earlier draft, will all become available in the near future. We thank Christopher Adams, Steve Bachman, Marcia Brott, John Child, Noam Elkies, Katherine Halpern, Martin Herbach, Theresa Horan, David Kwong, Rusty Reed, Lewis Rothlein, Alex Vratsanos, and Ned White for beta testing this and earlier versions, and for their valuable suggestions.

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