Crossword Puzzle
"Midrash" by George Barany (Summer 2012)

This puzzle was inspired by my long friendship with Arthur Rothstein ('70) (no relation to 52-Across) who was a Math Team (1-Across and 67-Across) Captain the year before I was, and is responsible for the remarkable web site found by clicking here. Towards the end of January 2012, we collaborated on a crossword puzzle entitled "Did Gail Collins Ever Mention ...?" that was self-published after Will Shortz took less than half an hour to inform us via e-mail that it was too political for the Gray Lady. The present puzzle was beta-tested by Art, Noam Elkies ('82) (see 58-Down), Joseph Konstan ('83), and Mark Wieder ('68), who made any number of suggestions to the fill and clues that improved and sharpened it. Other puzzles that I've been involved with, usually with brilliant collaborators, can be found at a site that I intend to update semi-regularly to the extent that it does not interfere with my day job. I hope that we can continue to provide challenging and enjoyable puzzles for the SHSAA newsletter, and invite alumni who are interested in contributing to such a project to contact me via e-mail to

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