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Prof. York edits a new book


"Multi-scale Quantum Models for Biocatalysis: Modern Techniques and Applications", edited by Darrin York and Tai-Sung Lee of the Department of Chemistry and Bioinformatics and Computational Biology program at the University of Minnesota, explores various molecular modelling techniques and their applications in providing an understanding of the detailed mechanisms at play during biocatalysis in enzyme and ribozyme systems. These areas are reviewed by an international team of experts in theoretical, computational chemistry, and biophysics.

The book presents detailed reviews concerning the development of various techniques, including ab initio molecular dynamics, density functional theory, combined QM/MM methods, solvation models, force field methods, and free-energy estimation techniques, as well as successful applications of multi-scale methods in the biocatalysis systems including several protein enzymes and ribozymes.

"Multi-scale Quantum Models for Biocatalysis: Modern Techniques and Applications" is an excellent source of information for research professionals involved in computational chemistry and physics, material science, nanotechnology, rational drug design and molecular biology. It is also likely to be of interest to graduate and undergraduate students exposed to these research areas.
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