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Lecture Demonstration Services

Statement of Services

The Lecture Demonstration Facility exists to provide instructors with the resources that will enable them to illustrate the chemical principles behind their lecture material and in so doing, hopefully, engender a greater understanding of those principles amongst their audience.


  • Joe Franek
    Lecture Demonstration Coordinator
    Dept. of Chemistry
    University of Minnesota
    E-Mail: frane006


There are a large variety of models available. There are permanent models of metal atom packing, salts, organic and inorganic compounds. There are numerous model kits to build simple compounds in class.

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  • Video Tapes: Illustrating a number of demonstrations, subjects and laboratory techniques.
  • Computer Interface: Allows the measurement and screen projection of pH, temperature and pressure.
  • Visualizer: Allows small items or demonstrations to be screen projected for viewing by large classes.

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Mailing Address:
University of Minnesota
Dept. of Chem.
351 Science Classroom Building
207 Pleasant St SE E-20
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0431
Phone: 612 624-8540
Fax: 612 626-7541


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