Breaking Water ... and News!

by George Barany

This "early-week level" puzzle reported breaking news [see its date, exactly 25 years after other news]. After completing the puzzle, go to the square (which is circled) that has the number 54, and trace out a an approximate ellipsoid by following the circles in clockwise order until you reach the square that has the number 32. Read the circled letters in order, and you will learn the name of this puzzle's heroine, whose picture is found to the right.  Then (spoiler), please click here for our "midrash" [those who just want the breaking news can click there directly!]

Click here to view or download the puzzle in PDF format; here to download it as a puz file; here to download it as an ipuz file [requires the free Puzzazz app to solve]; here to solve the puzzle interactively (thanks to Jim Horne); here for the solution (and explanation). I thank Noam Elkies, Todd Gross, Martin Herbach, and Carl Voss for beta testing the puzzle, and their helpful comments.

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