Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” (Samuel Johnson, 1775).  

This puzzle and its clues were created by a bipartisan, almost all-American team of reasonably well-educated folks who understand that not everything herein is “politically correct,” and that some may even find its content “disgusting.”

The puzzle's release was during the Winter of Our Discontent, 2016 (the allusion is to the title of John Steinbeck's last novel, which in turn draws from this opening speech from Shakespeare's Richard III). On our main page, the pictorial hint shows a fictional character from a 1989 movie that was inspired by this puzzle's "honoree."

We call to your attention this bachblog post by Steve Bachman, and this essay, titled A Quantum Solution to the Donald Trump Nightmare, by Joseph Dalluge, which provided the initial inspirations for this puzzle. You may also take solace in this Garrison Keillor editorial, which draws lessons from the uniquely Minnesota tale of Jesse Ventura.

In the interest of scholarship, we now offer, without editorial intervention, links that document some of the clues used by our anonymous constructor. But before that, we share two timely graphics downloaded from the internet.



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