Executive Decision

by Tom Pepper

I found out about this ingenious puzzle when I saw Tom Pepper at a local crossword puzzle tournament held on Groundhog Day, 2013, and a few weeks later, on Valentine's Day, Brendan Emmett Quigley posted the puzzle (along with a nice writeup about its constructor) on his web site. We provide here an "official" version, with a few glitches taken care of, for the solving pleasure of our many friends. Update: The puzzle was reposted on November 22, 2013, for reasons that will become obvious as you solve it. After completing the puzzle (spoiler), learn more about the puzzle by clicking here for our "midrash." 

Click here to view or download the puzzle in PDF format. For technical reasons, there is no way this particular puzzle can be solved on-line, nor are we able to provide a puz file.

If you want to tell others about this particular page, refer them to http://tinyurl.com/executivepuz

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