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June 19, 2013
Informal gathering at a bistro in South Minneapolis. Left to right: Tom Pepper, Marcia Brott, George Barany, David Hanson, Davis Klalia, C.C. Burnikel, Andrea Carla Michaels (raised in Minneapolis, visiting from San Francisco), Boomer Burnikel, and Victor Barocas. Photo by the bakery proprietor, using C.C.'s camera.

September 12, 2013
New York Times Puzzle Master Will Shortz visited the University of Minnesota to talk about his life in puzzles, and a number of us were privileged to meet him at a private reception before his presentation. From left to right: David Bael, Zhouqin Burnikel, George Barany, Will Shortz, Tom Pepper, Deane Morrison, Victor Barocas, Jay Kaskel, Dan Kantor, David Liben-Nowell, and Marcia Brott. Photo by Paula Keller. You may also enjoy this puzzle that was written especially for the event.

September 12, 2013
After Will Shortz's September 12, 2013 presentation ended, a number of us were privileged to have a late bite and a couple of beers with the Puzzle Master at The Beacon Restaurant in The Commons Hotel, on the East bank of the University of Minnesota campus. From left to right: David Hanson, Michael David, Kristen Evenson, Will Shortz, George Barany, David Liben-Nowell, Tom Pepper, and Marcia Brott. [Present, but not in the photograph: Carl Voss.] The photo was taken by our waitress, who was likely in a rather good mood due to the size of her tip. A question that DH posed to the group showed up a couple of days later as NPR's Sunday Puzzle [click on the link for the specific puzzle, or here to access the full 6-minute audio portion for 9/15/2013].

October 31, 2013
On Halloween 2013, a bunch of us went down to Carleton College in Northfield Minnesota to hear a seminar by Matt Ginsberg about Dr. Fill, a computer program that solves crossword puzzles. Note that the next morning, November 1, 2013, Matt presented the Carleton convocation, as archived here. From left to right: George Barany, David Liben-Nowell (host), Matt Ginsberg (guest speaker), Zhouqin Burnikel, and Tom Pepper.

June 22, 2014
Many of us converged at the Third Annual Minnesota Crossword Tournament, held in the Landmark Center in downtown Saint Paul. From left to right: George Barany, Andrew Ries, David Liben-Nowell, C.C. Burnikel, Tom Pepper, Victor Barocas, David Hanson, and Peter Broda (who drove all the way down from Regina, Canada), Dan Kantor, and Jay Kaskel.  Three more constructors, Don Gagliardo, Andy Kravis, and Andrea Carla Michaels, live out-of-town but sent their "wish-I-could-be-there's."  Photo taken by C.C.'s husband Boomer.

August 14, 2014
Informal gathering at a bistro in South Minneapolis. Left to right: Victor Barocas, George Barany, Andrea Carla Michaels, David Hanson, and Tom Pepper. Notice at least one of the Minnesota constructors came to the event directly from a barbershop. Photo by a random high school student borrowed from her study date.

January 24, 2015
The group met in the Kate and Michael Bárány Conference Room in Smith Hall at the University of Minnesota. In addition to general conviviality and a group construction effort to pay tribute to a legendary ballplayer who had recently passed, we also carried out random drawings to determine prizes for our Enigma Variations crossword metapuzzle contest. Left to Right: Tariq Samad, George Barany,Ralph Bunker (who drove up for the weekend from Iowa, just for the occasion), Tom Pepper, David Hanson, C.C. Burnikel, Marcia Brott, and Nancy Herther. By the time this photo was taken by a camera-shy Christie Martin, Deane Morrison had already put in an appearance and returned to her campus office to complete a deadline assignment, whereas Victor Barocas had not yet arrived.

June 14, 2015
Many of us converged at the Fourth Annual Minnesota Crossword Tournament, held in the Landmark Center in downtown Saint Paul. From left to right: C.C. Burnikel, Tom Pepper, George Barany, Victor Barocas, Michael David, and David Liben-Nowell. Photo taken by C.C.'s husband Boomer.

August 5, 2015

This montage of photographs taken by Andrea Carla Michaels to commemorate a fun evening at Muddy Waters Bar & Eatery in Minneapolis. Top row, left: Tom Pepper and Victor Barocas; top row, right: Andrea Carla Michaels and David Klaila; bottom row, left: George Barany and Andrew Ries; bottom row, right: David Klaila and David Hanson. Not shown, Marcia Brott and C.C. Burnikel.

December 19, 2015
A bunch of us met on a chilly Saturday afternoon at the Beacon Public House on the University of Minnesota campus. From left to right: Christopher Adams, David Liben-Nowell, Tom Pepper, Kristen Evenson, Marcia Brott, George Barany, and Deane Morrison. Photo taken by Toby Evenson (Phil Platt had left just before).

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