Enigma Variations Contest Prizes

This contest was brought to you by George Barany and Friends Crosswords, runtpuz.org, and The Art & Science of Singing. Winners will be announced on this page toward the end of January or the beginning of February, at which time we will present the solution to the contest along with our "midrash."

Individuals who submitted the correct answer in accord with the contest instructions are eligible for the prizes listed below, except that certain prizes are restricted to Grandmaster Level winners who solved the contest meta without any hints. As of the close of the contest, we had 86 Grandmaster Level and 23 Master Level winners; there were an additional 12 Honorable Mentions [we count each of the 7 "team" entries as one entry].

We thank our donors and sponsors for their generosity [please support their work!], and we also appreciate shout-outs to the contest from the Rex Parker, BEQ, Wordplay, Pat Tricks, and PuzzleNation blogs. Special mention is given to Professor S. Barry Cooper, who helped publicize the contest to fans of Alan Turing. Finally, our deepest appreciation to Martin Ashwood-Smith, Marcia Brott, Noam Elkies, Martin Herbach, Arlene Romoff, and Ellen Ross who made invaluable contributions during the development of the puzzle and throughout the contest, including adjudicating issues involving selections of winners.

Grand Prizes, Grandmaster Level
[randomly drawn (click here for a YouTube video of the process, here for the website we used, and here for photo of some of the judges) from all completely correct answers of those planning to attend the respective tournament]
Two Free Registrations to the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament [Stamford, CT, March 27-29, 2015]
Donated by two anonymous sponsors
Dan Feyer* (San Francisco, CA) and John Wilson (Shoreview, MN) [*Note, Dan won the tournament!]
Complimentary Registration to the Fourth Annual Minnesota Crossword Tournament [Saint Paul, MN, June 14, 2015]
Dan Sadoff (Saint Paul, MN)
Complimentary Registration to Crosswords LA [Los Angeles, CA, October 24, 2015]
Donated by Elissa Grossman
Eric Maddy* (Huntington Beach, CA) [*Note, Eric won the tournament!]
Autographed Puzzle Books (Crosswords and/or Other Puzzles), Grandmaster Level
Author   Book   Winner
Cathy Allis   Humorous Coffee Shop Crosswords [reprint of "Humorous Crosswords" (2003)] (3 total)   Neville Fogarty (Lexington, KY); Todd Gross (Mesquite, NV); David Steinberg (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)
Martin Ashwood-Smith   Triple-Stack Crosswords (3 total)   Judy Adamski (Jenison, MI); Jane Domino (Brooklyn, NY); Jim Quinlan (Westtown, NY)
Patrick Berry   Sit & Solve Hard as a Rock Crosswords   Tom Pepper (Edina, MN)
Matt Jones   No Holds Barred Crosswords (2 total; partially underwritten by an anonymous donor)   Paolo Pasco (San Diego, CA); Phil Safier (Albuquerque, NM)
Patrick Merrell   Zep: A Puzzling Adventure and "bonus" bookmark and miniposter   Steve Nelson (Walnut Creek, CA)
Doug Peterson   Sit & Solve® Brain-Straining Crosswords   Tad Howard (Washington, DC)
Doug Peterson   Sit & Solve® Lickety-Split Crosswords   Scott Weiss (Walkersville, MD)
Will Shortz (Editor)   Will Shortz Picks His Favorite Puzzles: 101 of the Top Crosswords from the New York Times (2 total)   Seth Canetti (Port Chester, NY); Mike Weepie (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Will Shortz (Editor)   Puzzlemaster Deck: 75 Brain Twisters and Puzzlemaster Deck: 75 Mind Bogglers   Randy Rogers (Davenport, IA)
Crossword Subscriptions (both levels)

Name   More Information   Winner
AVCX Crosswords (Ben Tausig et al.)   One-year complimentary subscription (sent weekly via e-mail)   Yossi Fendel (Berkeley, CA)
Crossword Nation (Elizabeth Gorski)   Two-year complimentary subscription (sent weekly via e-mail) and a Crossword Nation cup designed by Liz Gorski   Andrew Miller (Washington, DC)
Puzzle Ebooks from Puzzazz (require iPad, Phone, or iPod Touch)


Roy Leban (Editor)   The Year of Puzzles (Note: also available as PDF)   Louis Lana (New York, NY)
Elizabeth Gorski   Connect-the-Dots Crosswords   Oliver & Markand Thakar (Baltimore, MD)
Mike Selinker   The Maze of Games   Craig Harman (Washington, DC)
Mike Shenk   Puzzability's Variety Show   Jeffrey Schwartz (New York, NY)
Bob Stigger (Editor)   Cryptic All-Stars   Brad Eldredge (Cumming, GA)
More Puzzle Books (underwritten by several anonymous donors)
Author   Book   Winner
Patrick Berry and Todd McClary   Crowd-Pleasing Puzzles   Iris Broudy (Belchertown, MA)
Jerry N. Carolson   Sit & Solve® Commuter Cryptograms   Elma Kuntz (Aldergrove, BC Canada)
Amy Goldstein   Trivial Pursuit® Word Search Puzzles (2 total)   Joanne Friedman and Paul Mason (Marblehead, MA); Etan Yeshua (Arlington, VA)
Peter Gordon (Editor)   Hellaciously Hard Fireball Crosswords: 45 Ultra-Tough Puzzles (puzzles from 2013)   Erin Rhode (San Francisco, CA)
Peter Gordon (Editor)   Infernally Hard Fireball Crosswords: 45 Ultra-Tough Puzzles (puzzles from 2012)   Charlie MacFadyen (Burlington, VT)
Peter Gordon (Editor)   Sizzlingly Hard Fireball Crosswords: 45 Themeless Puzzles (themeless puzzles from 2010 and 2011)   Jill Palmer (Leverett, MA)
Peter Gordon (Editor)   Blazingly Hard Fireball Crosswords: 45 Themed Puzzless (themed puzzles from 2010 and 2011)   Tariq Samad and Karen Nemchik (Minneapolis, MN)
Jeffrey Harris   Sit & SolveĻ Pop Music Crosswords   Russ Williams (La Mesa, CA)
Landoll   Hours of Enjoyment! Crossword Puzzles: Vol. 29 (1994) (picked up at a garage sale; slightly used)   Will Glass-Husain (Burlingame, CA)
Frank Longo, Patrick Berry, and David Levinson Wilk   Crosswords Roasting on an Open Fire   Sharon Caraballo (Clifton, VA)
Brendan Emmett Quigley   Sit & Solve® Marching Bands (2 total)   Amy Goldstein (Princeton, NJ); Jeremy Horwitz (San Francisco, CA)
Andrew J. Ries   Minnesota Crosswords: 40 Fun Puzzles About the North Star State   Howard Cannon (Boston, MA)
Will Shortz (Editor)   The New York Times Easy Crossword Puzzles Vol. 14: 50 Monday Puzzles   Mukkai Krishnamoorthy (Troy, NY)
Will Shortz (Editor)   The New York Times Super Sundays: 150 Sunday Puzzles   Raisa and Charles Deber (Toronto, Canada)
Autographed Crossword Puzzles (determined in consultation with winner) (* means additional options)


Cathy Allis   To Open: The Complete Instructions, published 7/24/2009 in the Wall Street Journal [click on link already given, or here for PDF]   Hugh Murphy (Glen Mills, PA)
Martin Ashwood-Smith  

New York Times puzzles of 10/3/1997 and 5/19/2000 [the given links reveal the answers]

  Hannah Gardner (West Chester, PA)
George Barany (*)   "Vanity" puzzle (possibly non-standard dimensions) with winner's name and other interesting info in the answer grid. Done! See Latin Lovers   Al and Gloria Cangahuala (Claremont, CA)
George Barany (*)   "Vanity" puzzle as per description immediately above. Done! See Come Together   Peter Leopold (Cambridge, MA)
George Barany (*)   "Vanity" puzzle as per description immediately above. Done! See Ode to Joy!   Amy Paepke (Minneapolis, MN)
Charles Deber   Playing the Angles, published 4/4/1982 in the New York Times [Deber's debut; the given link reveals answer]   Barry Haldiman (Lenexa, KS)
Victor Fleming (*)   Custom puzzle published 3/27/2015 in Vic Fleming's "I Swear Crossword" series. Done!   Howard Barkin (New Jersey)
Todd Gross (*)   Original 21x21 "tribute" to a pre-Shortz constructor; winner can help with fill and clues, as further explained here   David Krol (Burbank, CA)
Joon Pahk   "Double or Nothing" (published in a wordplay magazine)   Jennifer Gutbezahl (Somerville, MA)
Tom Pepper (*)   "Vanity" puzzle as per Barany description, above. Done!   Mike Phenicie (Burnsville, MN)
Tom Pepper (*)   "Vanity" puzzle as per Barany description, above. Done! See The Gang's All Here; also One Cool Thing (#187) and listen to a shoutout here [near the end of the podcast, about 2 min starting at 1:10:30]   Craig Mazin (La Canada, CA)
David Steinberg   New York Times puzzle of 12/12/2013 [the given link reveals answer]   Juanita Fernandez (Vienna, VA)
Alex Vratsanos   Unpublished puzzle circa 2012: please try Say Cheese!   Robert Lemke Oliver (Palo Alto, CA)
Other Fun Prizes
Donor   Description   Winner
Mike Shenk, Amy Goldstein, and Robert Leighton  

Amazing Mind Benders 2015 Page-A-Day Calendar

  Tyler Hinman (San Francisco, CA)
Jim Bernhard   Words Gone Wild: Fun and Games for Language Lovers   Dan Fisher (Westport, CT)
Carmela Ciuraru   Nom de Plume: A (Secret) History of Pseudonyms   Don Lloyd (Point Reyes Station, CA)
Charlotte Higgins   Latin Love Lessons: Put a Little Ovid in Your Life   Jorge Pontual (New York, NY)
Andrew Hodges   Alan Turing: The Enigma: The Book That Inspired the Film "The Imitation Game"   Sam Levitin (Worcester, MA)
Drummond Moir   Just My Typo: From Sinning with the Choir to the Large Hardon Collider   Arthur Tansky (Philadelphia, PA)
Nick Nash   Nearly Complete Conductor Kits so you can lead Enigma Variations, or any other piece of music you can think of (3 total)   Oren Benjamin (Arlington, VA); Lenore Jones (Palo Alto, CA); Carl Voss (Saint Paul, MN)
Nick Nash   Conducting batons (12") so you can lead Enigma Variations, or any other piece of music you can think of (4 total)   Kristy McGowan (Boulder, CO); Barbara Randolph-Anderson (Hopkins, MN); J. T. Williams (Pasadena, CA); Tom Williams (Medford, MA)
Stanley Newman   Cruciverbalism: A Crossword Fanatic's Guide to Life in the Grid   Brian McLaughlin (Upland, CA)
Richard Rhodes   Hedy's Folly: The Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World   Joel Rosenberg (San Diego, CA)
Sandy Wood and Kara Kovalchik   mental_floss Trivia: Brisk Refreshing Facts Without the Ice Cream Headache!   Dan Katz (North Attleboro, MA)
Available to All Contestants
Nick Nash   25% discount (not including shipping) for any item in the catalogue, including ersatz diplomas in cruciverbalism and Nearly Complete Conductor Kits (offer expires April 1, 2015: use the code word "enigma" to trigger the discount)    

Several of our contest winners asked that their names not be posted on this webpage. The remainder, beyond those already included in the above Tables, and with no effort to distinguish between Grandmaster Level, Master Level, and Honorable Mention, were (in alphabetical order): Chris Adams (Doha, Qatar); Michael Areinoff (Tucson, AZ); Keith Blackman (Purchase, NY); John Child (Kathmandu, Nepal); Jeremy Conner (Los Angeles, CA); Nick and Lauren Demeuse (San Francisco, CA); Laszlo Denes (Jackson Heights, NY); Cadence Fingerholz (Saint Paul, MN); Ray Hamel (Madison, WI); David Hanson (Mounds View, MN); Jeffrey Harris (Columbus, GA); Barbara Hindenach (Durham, NC); Guy Jacobson (Bridgewater, NJ); Joshua Kreitzer (Chicago, IL); Michael Lebowitz (New York, NY); Jack Lechner (New York, NY); Eric LeVasseur (Seal Beach, CA); Vivian London (Jerusalem, Isreal); Elke and Robert Mermelstein (Vancouver, British Columbia); Charles Montepetit (Montreal, Quebec); Mike Morse (Kensington, MD); Joon Pahk (Somerville, MA); Greg Patent (Missoula, MT); and Lou Philipson (Chicago, IL).

Everyone who participated in the contest will eventually get some sort of a consolation prize; it is still being compiled/constructed.

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