Chemically controlling electronic and optical processes at surfaces, 2D materials, and material interfaces
Our Research
Our lab is exploring new materials for harvesting energy and making new electronic devices. We attach these problems from a fundamental, physical perspective. We also use Chemical Vapor Deposition to build new interfaces in electronic / optical materials. Our lab has paricular interest in 2D materials beyond graphene, especially the Transition Metal Dichalcogenides such as MoTe2.

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Join Us
The Johns lab is actively recruiting highly motivated undergraduates and graduate students who have an interest in making new materials, and characterizing their electronic and excitonic properties at the atomic level! Our lab in Kolthoff 96 is totally new. Joining the Johns lab is a great chance to build a program from the ground level, and to chart the direction of our lab in this exciting new field. Interested candidates are invited to contact Dr. Johns at
Latest News

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06/5/2017: Abbie Cotter, Sam Johnson, and Vee Livermore join the lab for the summer. Welcome!

03/17/2017: Zach's paper on MoO2/TMDC core/shell nanoplates has been published!

01/24/2017: Our paper on patterning 1T'-2H junctions in MoTe2 was just accepted to Advanced Materials!

01/21/2017: Johns Lab members volunteer at the Minnesota Academy of Science High School Science Bowl

09/19/2016: James gives talk at SciX conference in Minneapolis

07/26/16: More than 20 students visit our lab and perform experiments with the MRSEC Discover STEM program!

07/25/16: Zach sees NbS2 growth from his CVD reactions! Nice job Zach!

01/29/2016: Harrison passes his preliminary oral exam for PhD candidacy. Congratulations Harrison!

01/5/16: Aaron takes our lab's first ultrafast microscopy data! Transient reflection of MoS2 flakes.

10/21/2015: Our lab's first paper has been published in JACS!

06/01/2015: The Johns lab welcomes three new students for the summer!

05/19/2015: Members of the Johns lab volunteer at the annual Energy and U show!

01/27/2015: Aaron passes his oral exam. 2 for 2! Congratulations Aaron!

01/08/2015: Zach passes his preliminary oral exam for PhD candidacy. Congratulations Zach!

11/20/2014: The first atomic resolution images in our lab! Take a look at the Si (111) 7x7 surface reconstruction.

11/17/2014: We're having an open house on Dec 19th with the other UFDA groups. Find out more info here!

09/25/2014: Our STM has finally been delivered! Now the installation process begins.

08/12/2014: Successful summer growing CVD Graphene. We're now growing flakes large enough to see by eye!"

03/16/2014: BAM! Zach's Kicking it up a notch making our first samples of lab grown graphene!

02/17/2014: - First optics are a success. We made white light out of infrared! Check out the pic!

02/12/2014: - Putting our first optics on the table today! Also, a lot of work went into building our ultrafast lab. See how well it's perferoming on the lab conditions page!