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Department of Chemistry Family Care Room

Policies and Procedures

Established January 2010

The department has created a private room where children of Chemistry department members may be nursed. The room is 328 Smith Hall.

The room is equipped with the following:

  • A Medela brand "Lactina Select" breastfeeding pump is provided in the room. Individuals must provide their own pumping accessories, tubing and containers (see below)
  • A small refrigerator
  • Two small couches and tables

Access to the room is granted by making a request to the administrative office staff in 139 Smith Hall. They will issue a key and provide access to the Google calendar that is used to reserve the room.

There will be a "ROOM IN USE" sign on the door to be used to insure privacy.

For privacy purposes, the room will not be accessible to custodial staff. Trash will need to be dumped by users into the common "quad" trash/recycling containers in the hallway.

Any containers stored in the refrigerator must be clearly marked and dated. For hygiene and cleanliness of the room, the expectation is that users will responsibly remove contents of the refrigerator as needed.

NOTES on the Medela "Lactina Select" BREAST PUMP

This pump is meant to be used by multiple users. For hygiene purposes, breast milk does NOT pass through the pump itself. It should not require any cleaning or sterilization.


The proper cleaning and sterilization of the accessories, tubing and containers is the sole responsibility of the user.

In using this facility, users release the Department of Chemistry from all liability and responsibility related to the cleanliness, hygiene and safety of user-owned accessories and containers.

The Department of Chemistry's liability for the equipment provided extends only to maintaining the mechanical operation of the breast pump and the refrigerator.