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Yaming Jiang receives Louise T. Dosdall Fellowship

Yaming Jiang, a third-year chemical engineering graduate student co-advised by Professor Timothy Lodge and Professor Theresa Reineke, has been named a recipient of the Louise T. Dosdall Fellowship for women for 2016-17 academic year. Under this one-year fellowship, Jiang will continue her studies on DNA-cationic micelle complexation for potential applications in drug delivery.

The Louise T. Dosdall Fellowship awards women graduate students who show exceptional promise for a successful career in research in the natural or physical sciences and engineering where women are underrepresented. The awardees are selected each year for their strength of the academic record as well as the cohesiveness and significance of the research plan. The scholarship provides $23,000 for the academic year, plus tuition and subsidized health insurance for the academic year.