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Lindsay Johnson serves on ACS Graduate Education Advisory Board

Lindsay Johnson, a fourth-year graduate student advised by Professor Marc Hillmyer, is serving on the American Chemical Society’s Graduate Education Advisory Board (GEAB) as one of only two student members.  

The GEAB provides guidance to ACS on new and existing initiatives that support the professional development of graduate students and post-doctoral scholars nationally.  

Steven Corcelli, chair of the GEAB, from the University of Notre Dame wrote about Lindsay’s nomination: "I am delighted that Lindsay has accepted a position on GEAB. Lindsay brings enthusiasm and experience, and I look forward to working with her."

Lindsay was selected for this role because of her outstanding work chairing the University of Minnesota Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee (GSSPC). In August 2015, the UMN GSSPC hosted a very successful full-day symposium at the 250th ACS National Meeting in Boston, which included Professors Bob Grubbs, Paula Hammond, Carolyn Bertozzi, Jonathan Sweedler, Joe DeSimone, Angela Belcher, Daniel Nocera, Buddy Ratner, and C. Grant Willson. Their work was featured in ACS Central Science.

In addition to fulfilling her duties as a member of GEAB, she will also serve as the GEAB Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee Coordinator.

Dr. Joe Z. Sostaric, manager of the ACS Graduate and Postdoctoral Scholars Office (GPSO) stated, “GEAB, with its strategic initiatives supported by the GPSO, works to bring the best national meeting programing and educational programs available to chemistry graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in the United States. Lindsay will play a critical role in contributing the graduate student voice to GEAB discussions.”

This prestigious role comes with full support from the GPSO to attend all ACS National Meetings. She will serve in this capacity in 2016, with options for up to two years beyond.