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Christy Haynes named associate editor of Analytical Chemistry

Professor Christy Haynes has been named an associate editor of Analytical Chemistry, which is a peer-reviewed American Chemical Society research journal devoted to the dissemination of new and original knowledge of all branches of analytical chemistry. Articles focus on myriad phases of analytical operations, including sampling, bioanalysis, electrochemistry, mass spectrometry, microscale and nanoscale systems and structures, environmental analysis, separations, spectroscopy, chemical reactions and selectivity, instrumentation, imaging, surface analysis, and data processing.

Haynes is vice chair of the Department of Chemistry and the Elmore H. Northey Professor of Chemistry. She is also associate director of the Center of Sustainable Nanotechnology.

Her research group focuses on applications of analytical chemistry in the fields of immunology and toxicology, with much expertise in the area of single cell analysis. One major area of interest is nanotoxicology—an emerging field investigating the biological and ecological impacts of engineered nanomaterials. Another major focus encompases studying fundamental properties of cells involved in inflammation. Her group has performed the first ever real-time single blood platelet measurements, examining the chemical messenger molecules that platelets secrete upon stimulation. While most of the Haynes lab research employs electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques, the group is always exploring new and exciting technologies to answer pressing bioanalytical questions.

Haynes is the 11th faculty member to serve as an editor for a top chemistry journal. The University of Minnesota has more editors of American Chemical Society journals than any other top-rated research institution.