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Gee receives COGS travel grant for Bioorganic Gordon Research Conference

Clifford Gee, a 4th-year graduate student working with Professor Will Pomerantz, has received a $1,200 travel grant from the University’s Council of Graduate Students. Gee will use the grant to attend the Bioorganic Gordon Research Conference this June. This conference will serve as the springboard for the first every Gordon Research Seminar in Bioorganic Chemistry in 2017, which Gee is chairing.

Gee earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Azusa Pacific University. At the U of M, he serves as one of the Department of Chemistry’s laboratory safety officers, and is an undergraduate student research mentor. His overall research interests encompass developing new small molecule inhibitors for proteins of interest using the Protein Observed Fluorine NMR method developed by the Pomerantz lab. Gee was recently award a 2016-17 Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship.