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Chemistry major hopes to combine passions of science and ASL

Jeremy Miller admitted into Gallaudet interpretation program

Chemistry major Jeremy Miller has been admitted into the competitive and prestigious Department of Interpretation at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., where he hopes to pursue a master’s degree in Interpretation for American Sign Language and English.

Jeremy aims to work as an interpreter with a particular focus on working with deaf and hard of hearing professionals doing exciting work in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

“I discovered my freshman year that I found chemistry to be an incredibly exciting field, more than I had ever realized,” Jeremy said. “What interested me most were the conceptual breakthroughs that I was shown in class, and learning about the models that chemists use in order to understand the world around us from the ground up.”

Jeremy worked with Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Professor Kevin Dorfman for 15 months, where he learned a great deal about specific scientific principles at play in experiments, about the research process in general, and what it means to pursue questions and expand our collective knowledge.

“I found that while I had great interest in the research process and in the theoretical principles of chemistry, I am strongly motivated by the people-oriented aspect of my work,” said Jeremy.

His interest in science and his passionate interest in American Science Language (ASL) and diversity, which includes being involved with the University’s ASL Club and the Department of Chemistry’s Diversity Committee, caused Jeremy to wonder if it was possible to merge these two interests. He will have that opportunity at Gallaudet University, conducting graduate-level research in interpretation, learning more about ASL, and working with deaf and hard of hearing faculty in the STEM fields.