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Simon K. Shannon, Ph.D.

Current position:

Supervisor for Coatings Research, Corning Inc., organic and biochemical technologies research group


Doctorate from the University of Minnesota (organic chemistry major) in 2003

University of Minnesota research:

As a graduate research assistant (1998-2003), I worked on the development of solid-phase backbone amide linker strategies for the synthesis of lidocaine and procainamide combinatorial libraries (antiarrhythmic and local anesthetic drugs). I developed new quantitative and colorimetric methods for monitoring aldehydes on solid-phase, and designed alternative linker strategies for mild solid-phase synthesis of C-terminal modified peptides, cyclic peptides, and other amide-containing small molecules.

Work highlights:

I am responsible for leading a group of scientists and technicians involved in the development of surface chemistry and coatings for life sciences, environmental, and display technologies.

What from your experiences in the Department of Chemistry prepared you for what you currently are doing?:

Through the McNair Scholars Program, I had my first introductions to the chemistry department working in the lab of Professor George Barany. I gained experience with technical writing and presenting. I got initial exposure to teaching. I learned how to build a network that eventually led to acceptance in the University of Minnesota graduate program. As a graduate student in Dr. Barany's group, I was groomed to be an organic chemist. During my time in graduate school, I became a leader; I was exposed to international travel and research conferences; and I built a professional network of research scientists with similar goals and ideals as mine. I have used the same training and skills in my previous and current roles.

Simon is pictured with his wife Bridgette, Ph.D., who is also a chemist at Corning, and their son D'Engelo "DJ".