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Graduating senior honored for research and course work

Nardine Abadeer, a senior chemistry major who will be graduating this May, has received a number of awards for her coursework and research. She received an award for best poster at the Minnesota Academy of Science 78th Annual Meeting & 23rd Winchell Undergraduate Symposium, which was conducted Saturday, April 16, 2011; an undergraduate award for analytical chemistry, which includes a one-year subscription to the Analytical Chemistry Journal; and an honorable mention in the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship program. 

Nardine has been working in Associate Professor Christy Haynes' lab since January 2010. While in the Haynes lab, she worked with mentor Yu-Shen Lin to fabricate mesoporous nanoparticles and assess their toxicity and drug loading capacity. Nadine plans on attending graduate school at the University of Illinois.