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Department of Chemistry honors graduates & scholars

The Department of Chemistry honored graduating seniors and scholarship recipients at a recognition reception, Friday, May 6, before the College of Science & Engineering's annual commencement ceremony.

Senior Awards

Senior Awards were given to advanced undergraduates who demonstrated outstanding achievement in undergraduate research in addition to overall scholastic excellence.

  • David A. and Merece H. Johnson Scholarship was awarded to chemistry majors who have shown outstanding academic achievement—Shengsi Liu, Zhen Liu, Julian Lo, Michael Nagy, Alex Schrader, and Yue Zhou.
  • Doctors Michael and Kate Barany Scholarships were awarded to two chemistry majors who have shown outstanding academic achievement—Jonathan Dang and Phillip Goldblatt.

Junior Awards

  • Robert C. Brasted Memorial Fellowship—a fellowship as well as a part-time apprenticeship in the Department of Chemistry's General Chemistry Program—awarded to an outstanding chemistry major who has expressed an interest in a teaching career in chemistry—Tomohiro Kubo.
  • Lloyd W. Goerke Scholarship awarded to a chemistry major who has shown outstanding academic achievement and who has financial need—Lai Zhang.
  • George T. Walker Scholarship awarded to two chemistry majors who have shown outstanding academic achievement and who have financial need—David Ford and Xiaolu Zheng.

Sophomore Awards

  • Thomas DuBruil Memorial Award given to sophomores who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in undergraduate research in chemistry—Jua Choi and Shyan Rajan Iyer.
  • J. Lewis Maynard Memorial Prize in Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Award given for outstanding scholastic achievement in advanced inorganic chemistry—Julian Lo.
  • CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award sponsored by the CRC Press, Inc. This prize consists of the latest CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics and is awarded for outstanding scholastic achievement in freshman chemistry—Robert Gao.
  • Merck Index Award sponsored by Merck & Co., Inc. This award consists of the latest edition of the Merck Index and is given for outstanding scholastic achievement in organic chemistry—Ross Kerner and Mark Strom.

Summer Research Fellowships

  • The Heisig/Gleysteen Chemistry Summer Research Program is designed to encourage students in chemistry to learn more about research in chemistry and provide them with the opportunity to work in a lab under the direction of a faculty member. Fellowship recipients were Jason Brennan, Jonathan Dang, Jack Doenges, Shengsi Liu, James Lloyd, Michael Nagy, Heidi Nelson, Alex Schrader, and Bradley Slowinski.

About the graduates

Of the 130 2010-2011 graduates, 73 were involved in research. Thirty-three graduates were dual majors, including 22 who majored in chemistry and chemical engineering, and one graduating with a dual major in Spanish, and another graduating with a dual major in statistics. Seventeen graduates plan to continue with their schooling, seeking advanced degrees such as their master's and doctorates, or going on to medical, dental, or pharmacy school.

2010-2011 Graduating Class

The graduating class of 2010-2011 included:


Nardine Abadeer

Mohamed Omer Abdinur

Norah Khalid Almadani


Jenna Marie Belden

Kevin M. Berndt

Christopher Allen Bernick

Elliott Dean Biondo

Timothy James Blasius

Andrew J. Bochat

Andrei Bortnov

Sergey A. Brevda

Michael R. Buchman

Adam Barry Burns

Samuel David Buss


Benjamin Carlson

Wonder Chang

Pin-Hsuan Chen

Alexander Chen

Shi Ting Chong

Andrew J. Cleland

Kristin M. Coari

Bryan Sanford Cooper

Cynthia Leah Crawford


James Thomas Dayton

James Alan Docken Jr.

Kathryn Louise Dutler

Wesley Alex Dybedahl


Katherine Rose Felder

Joseph Jon Frederick


Amber Grandprey

Alexander Grant

Amy Lynn Grant


Miranda Bethany Hada

Molly E. Hageman

Sterling Christiaan Hansen

Anil Anthony Harbaran

Andrew David Heairet

Eric Hermes

David Hess

Paul Joseph Hinton

Jonathan Holcomb

Briana Kay Holtkamp

Yidi Hou

Christopher James Howe

Wanli Hu


Joel Thomas Kaardal

Brent Donald Keller

Steven Changbae Kim

Jacquelyn Anne Klicka

Krista Lee Kutz


Wing Yu Cherry Lam

Marc Peter LaNave

Simon Bouyea Lang

Corey Michael LaSalle

Hyojin Lee

Kong Meng Lee

Molly Marie Lee

Seulki Lee

Jingjing Li

Long Lor


Nathan Lee Macy

Douglas Edward Mandy

Alexander Victor Marchenko

Michael John Louis Marotz

Jennifer Christine Marshall

Daniel Gregory Merten

Brandon Meyer

Sarah Joy Moench

Jared Ryan Moody

Abbas Mulla

Daniel Patrick Murphy

Bryan Charles Murray


Mary Tam Nguyen

Tuan Anh Nguyen

Uyen Thu Huynh Nguyen


Michael Adeolu Okuneye

Matthew Blake Olander

Daniel Thomas Olson

Samantha Josephine Olson


Thomas Michael Paquette

Jaehun Eric Park

Jessica Mary Paxton

Christina Ann Pecoraro

Matthew Jensen Perry

Nicholas Pick

John Pozniak

Rachel Pricer


XiaoXi Qu


Amanda Lee Reigel

Jacob Kenneth Riley

Christopher Mark Rolson

Vincent William Rotty


Joel Matthew Sarapas

Peter Schoettler

Carly Kay Schulz

Kevin R. Scott

Jaskirat Singh Sethi

Matthew Thomas Silvestrini

Nicholas J. Simes

Marsha Sintara

Erin Margaret Spoo

Hope Elaine Steinke

Ann Elizabeth Strom


Jonathan Jian Yong Tan

Lylien Tan

Mohamed J. Tarawally

Paul T. Tarkowski

Alina Nickolaevna Trukhina

Michelle Mei Truong

Erik Tyrell


Christian Barr Van Skoik

William Joseph Valente

Zachary Scott David Voll


Elizabeth Jin Ward

Holly Shin Young Wesley

Jess Martin Wheldon

Rahel Asfaw Woldeyes

William James Wolf

Jimmy Wong

Emily Woo


Doua Neng Xiong


Seungchul Yoo

Ruixian Yue


Adam Thomas Zarth

Amanda J. Zeise

Kayla Jean Zielinski

Please note: this list includes all of the students who "officially" graduated between July 2010 and June 2011, and who obtained their Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degrees from the College of Science & Engineering or their Bachelor of Art degrees from the College of Liberal Arts. Additional names will be added to this list as they become available.

About 900 undergraduate students completed degree programs over the last year in the areas of engineering, physical sciences, mathematics, and computer science were recognized at the CSE's annual commencement ceremony.