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Two alumni promoted to professors at Macalester

Two Department of Chemistry alumni—Paul Fischer and Rebecca Hoye—have been promoted from associate professors to professors at Macalester College.

Hoye earned her doctorate in 1981. She is an organic chemist with a background in strained ring chemistry and natural product synthesis. Her current research encompasses the development of new synthetic methodology, the determination of relative and absolute stereo chemistry of naturally occurring amino alcohols, and the investigation of organic reaction mechanisms. She serves as chair of the chemistry department at Macalester.

Fischer earned his doctorate in 1998. He is an inorganic chemist. He has been working at Macalester since 2001, and teaches general chemistry and advance inorganic chemistry. In his research program, Fischer explores the chemistry of air and moisture sensitive organometallic metal carbonyl complexes with donor functionalized cyclopentadienyl ligands.