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Two professors receive Royal Society of Chemistry honors

Two Department of Chemistry professors—Associate Professor Christy Haynes and Regents Professor Lawrence Que Jr.—have received prestigious awards from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). The RSC awards honor scientists whose careers are defined by exceptional work, excellence, and dedication.

Haynes has received the 2011 RSC Joseph Black Award, which honors a young scientist in any field covering the practice and teaching of analytical science, for her work on leveraging the core principles of analytical chemistry to gain insight into pressing toxicological, immunological, and ecological questions.

Que has received the 2011 RSC Inorganic Mechanisms Award for his seminal contributions to the mechanistic understanding of dioxygen activation by nonheme iron enzymes.

Both Haynes and Que will deliver lectures at up to four venues in the United Kingdom from September 2011 to May 2012. They will receive their award medals at a symposium around one of their lectures. Each also will receive £2000.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is the largest organization in Europe committed to advancing the chemical sciences. Its activities span education, conferences, science policy, and the promotion of chemistry to the public.