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Research article highlighted in German publication

Assistant Professor Christopher Douglas' article, which was published in the February 2011 edition of Angewandte Chemie International Edition, was recently highlighted in the German equivalent of Chemical & Engineering NewsNachrichten aus der Chemie.

The article was entitled, Insertion of an Alkene into an Ester: Intramolecular Oxyacylation Reaction of Alkenes through Acyl C[BOND]O Bond Activation. In addition to Douglas, other authors were T. Giang Hoang, Venkata Jaganmohan Reddy, and Huy H. K. Nguyen.

Abstract: The first catalytic insertion of a C[DOUBLE BOND]C bond into an acyl C[BOND]O bond was achieved using rhodium catalysts. The products are β-alkoxy ketones with a fully substituted carbon center. Quinoline chelating groups were employed to stabilize the Rh-alkoxide intermediate.

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