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2010-11 Outstanding teaching assistants honored

The 2010-11 outstanding teaching assistants (TAs) are Wonder Chang, David Hanna, and Zahra Sohrabpour. All three were honored for their outstanding contributions to the teaching of chemistry.

David Hanna received the Wayland E. Noland Outstanding Graduate Teaching Fellowship. His CHEM 2311 students wrote, "He really cares and worked hard to make sure we were prepared.""David always was very helpful and social with us. His pre-labs were excellent and very knowledgeable. Best TA I've had by far!" "Easy to approach, professional, makes sure things are done right." "Always ready to help and always on top of his stuff." Hanna's adviser is Professor Mark Distefano.

Zahra Sohrabpour received the Robert L. Ferm Outstanding Graduate TA award. Her students described her as "very thorough and clear when explaining laboratory techniques." "Zahra was very approachable and helpful when answering questions." Sohrabpour's adviser is Assistant Professor Aaron Massari.

Wonder Chang, who graduated in the spring of 2011, received the Robert C. Brasted Outstanding Undergraduate TA award. One of his general chemistry students described him as a "very approachable and fun TA to work with. He made things interesting in the lab and was always willing to answer our questions."

Pictured are 2010-11 outstanding teaching assistant honorees David Hanna and Zahra Sohrabpour. Not pictured: Wonder Chang who graduated in the spring of 2011.