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Two doctoral students receive Overend Award

Two Department of Chemistry doctoral students—Brynna Jones and Hannah Leverentz—have received the 2011 Overend Award for Graduate Research in Physical Chemistry. The award honors outstanding physical chemistry graduate student researchers.

Brynna is a fourth-year graduate student. Her current research interests include ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy, solvation dynamics in catalytic systems, and vibrational dynamics in conjugated polymer films. Brynna's future plans encompass possibly teaching and conducting research. Professor Aaron Massari is Brynna's adviser.

Hannah is a fifth-year graduate student. Her research interests encompass developing cost-effective, generally applicable methods for computational chemical modeling and in simulating gas and liquid phase systems. Hannah's future plans encompass possibly teaching chemistry, introductory physics, and math. Professor Donald Truhlar is Hannah's adviser.

The Overend Award is named after Professor John Overend who was a physical chemist in the department from 1960 to 1984. The award was created in 1991 through the efforts of Professor Paul Barbara.

Pictured: Brynna Jones (left) and Hannah Leverentz (right).