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Laurie Breyfogle, Ph.D.

Current position:

Senior scientist at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, OH


Bachelor's degree in chemistry from Iowa State University in 1999, and doctorate in inorganic chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 2005, under the tutelage of advisers Marc Hillmyer and William Tolman

Work highlights:

I am responsible for creating many of the Olay and SK-II brand skin care formulations that are sold across the globe. My areas of expertise include Personal Care Product Formulation Science, New Product and Technical Mechanism Development.

Notable Accomplishments & Awards:

  • Recipient of American Chemical Society Women Chemists Committee Rising Star Award. The award recognizes up to 10 outstanding women scientists approaching mid-level careers who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to their respective fields of chemistry on a national level.
  • Two patent applications granted, five pending
  • Invest, Involve, Invigorate P&G Skin Care Culture Award recipient in 2011. Recognized for "recruiting people inside and out of P&G who become infected with her curiosity and enthusiasm."
  • Recipient of five P&G "Power of You" Awards in 2011 from colleagues/leaders for leveraging technical mastery to help solve broad technical challenges.
  • Initiated a step-change program to increase career satisfaction, promotion, and retention among P&G Women in Technology.

What one thing from your experiences in the University of Minnesota Department of Chemistry prepared you for what you currently are going or plan to do in the future?

The University of Minnesota truly embraces an interdisciplinary scientific problem solving approach. I have been able to draw connections and create technical models in my work that are scientifically enlightening and business impactful thanks to this interdisciplinary training approach.