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Graduate student commencement, Friday, April 27

Fourteen Department of Chemistry graduate students participated in the Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Graduate Commencement Ceremony, Friday, April 27. They were honored at a Department of Chemistry reception beforehand.

Master of Science

David Hanna
Professor Mark Distefano, adviser

Doctor of Philosophy

Kyle Christine Bantz
Professor Christy L. Haynes, adviser   
Thesis: Development of a Surface-Enhanced Raman Sensor for Detection in Complex Mixtures

Li Chen
Professor Philippe Buhlmann, adviser

Aalo Gupta
Professor William Tolman, adviser

Jun Sung Kang
Professor T. Andrew Taton, adviser
Thesis: I. Solid-Phase Polymerase Chain Reaction on Gold Nanoparticle Supports. II. α-Azido Ether Reduction: A Bioorthogonal, Chemical Trigger for Degradable Materials

Kelly Kyro
Professor Mark Distefano, adviser
Doctorate in Chemical Biology
Thesis: Photoaffinity Labeling and Characterization of Protein Targets Using Prenylated Benzophenone-Containing Peptides

Yu-Shen Lin
Professor Christy L. Haynes, adviser

Sara A. Love
Professor Christy L. Haynes, adviser
Thesis: Assessing Toxicity: Studies with Carbon-Fiber Microelectrode Amperometry & Noble Metal Nanoparticles

Elizabeth C. Lugert-Thom
Professor Philippe Buhlmann, adviser
Thesis: Application of Fluorous Polymer Matrixes in Ion-Selective Electrodes

Eric Olson
Professor Philippe Buhlmann, adviser
Thesis: Development of a Voltammetry-Based Sensor Platform for Field Detection of Explosives Containing Trinitrotoluene

Hajime Seki
Professor Gunda I. Georg, adviser
Thesis: Cyclic Enaminones: Methodology Development, Total Synthesis, and Library Construction

Bo Wang
Professor Donald G. Truhlar, adviser
Thesis: Development of New Computational Algorithms and Their Applications in the Study of Zeolites

Tao Yu
Professor Donald Truhlar, adviser
Thesis: Multi-Path and Multi-structure Variational Transition State Theory and Applications to Hydrogen Transfer Reactions

Pictured, from left, are Sara Love, Kyle Bantz, Kelly Kyro, Eric Olson, Li Chen, David Hanna, Elizabeth Lugert-Thom, Hajime Seki, Yu-Shen Lin, and Tao Yu.