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GSWC offers helpful seminars for chemistry graduate students

The Department of Chemistry’s Graduate Student Workshop Committee (GSWC) organizes seminars for graduate students, ranging from careers to maintenance. The GSWC was established to provide chemistry graduate student with workshops to improve their success in graduate school and beyond. In the past, workshops have focused on a variety of topics, including academic careers, critical thinking skills, writing written examinations, and down-to-earth skills such as vacuum pump maintenance.

Recently, the GSWC worked with Proctor and Gamble Co. (P&G) to provide University of Minnesota students with information on industry careers. The Industrial Careers Workshop was open to other departments. Thirty-five students representing nine different graduate programs were represented.

Chemistry Professor Pete Carr kicked off the workshop. He summarized the results of a survey that asked former students for views on the most important facets of their graduate education, and how those contributed to their industrial careers.

Paul Lipic, Ph.D., and Ravi Ranatunga, Ph.D., conducted the workshop. Both are experienced recruiters of graduate chemists, biochemists, and chemical engineers for P&G. Lipic received his doctorate from the University of Minnesota in chemical engineering under Professor Frank Bates. He currently develops new technologies and products for shaving technologies. Ranatunga received his doctorate in analytical chemistry from the University of Houston and attended the University of Minnesota as a post-doc in Professor Carr’s lab. He currently manages a research and development group at P&G and is the lead doctorate global recruiter for analytical chemistry.

Lipic and Ranatunga discussed the various aspects of industrial careers within a global consumer-oriented company. They offered insights on how to craft successful resumes, cover letters and engage in productive on-campus and on-site interviews. Workshop attendees were also able to meet with Lipic and Ranatunga to get feedback, advice, and critiques of their resumes, cover letters, and research summaries.