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Department of Chemistry honors graduates & scholars

The Department of Chemistry honored graduating seniors and scholarship recipients at a recognition reception, Friday, May 5, before the College of Science & Engineering's annual commencement ceremony.

Senior Awards

Senior Awards were given to advanced undergraduates who demonstrated outstanding achievement in undergraduate research in addition to overall scholastic excellence.

  • David A. and Merece H. Johnson Scholarship awarded to chemistry majors who have shown outstanding academic achievement—Sam Kenny and Mark Strom.
  • Wayland E. Noland Award for Academic Excellence in Chemistry awarded to a chemistry major who has shown outstanding academic achievement—Jua Choi.
  • George T. Walker Scholarship awarded to chemistry majors who have shown outstanding academic achievement—Hanna Erickson and Takanori Sagawa.

Junior Awards

  • Robert C. Brasted Memorial Fellowship a fellowship as well as a part time apprenticeship in the Department’s General Chemistry Program awarded to an outstanding chemistry major who has expressed an interest in a teaching career in chemistry—Alexander Nicol.
  • Lloyd W. Goerke Scholarship awarded to a chemistry major who has shown outstanding academic achievement and who has financial need—Adam Matula.
  • Auzins Scholarship awarded to a chemistry major who has shown outstanding academic achievement and who has financial need—Srijay Rajan.
  • Andrews Scholarship awarded to a chemistry major who has shown outstanding academic achievement and who has financial need—Dylan Walsh.

Sophomore Awards

  • Thomas DuBruil Memorial Award awarded to sophomores who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in undergraduate research in chemistry—Moriana Haj, Erin Hill, Quang Luu Nguyen, Megan Magee, and Maximilian Margherio.
  • J. Lewis Maynard Memorial Prize in Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Award given for outstanding scholastic achievement in advanced inorganic chemistry—Michelle Johnson.
  • CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award sponsored by the CRC Press, Inc. This prize consists of the latest CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics and is awarded for outstanding scholastic achievement in freshman chemistry—Sammy Shaker.
  • Merck Index Award sponsored by Merck & Co., Inc. This award consists of the latest edition of the Merck Index and is given for outstanding scholastic achievement in organic chemistry—Dylan Walsh and Peter Stevens.
  • Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry sponsored by the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. This award consists of a year’s subscription to the journal Analytical Chemistry and is given for outstanding scholastic achievement in analytical chemistry—Jason Brennan.

Summer Research Fellowships

  • The Heisig/Gleysteen Chemistry Summer Research Program is designed to encourage students in chemistry to learn more about research in chemistry and provide them with the opportunity to work in a lab under the direction of a faculty member. Fellowship recipients were Hanna Erickson, Ying Hang, Matt Hauwiller, Lingxun Kong, Quang Luu Nguyen, Maximilian Margherio, Adam Matula, Drew Maurine, Kara Meyers, Srijay Rajan, James Song, Dylan Walsh, and Joy Zhou.

Download a PDF of pictures of the award winners.

About the graduates

Of the 142 2011-2012 graduates, 74 were involved in research. Thirty-five graduates were dual majors, including 25 who majored in chemistry and chemical engineering. Thirty-two graduates planed to continue with their schooling, seeking advanced degrees such as their master's and doctorates, or going on to medical, dental, pharmacy, or law school, or pursuing their education licensure. Ten graduates were working for companies, and another 36 were seeking employment with industries.

2011-2012 Graduating Class

Please note: this list includes all of the students who "officially" graduated between July 2011 and June 2012, and who obtained their Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degrees from the College of Science & Engineering or their Bachelor of Art degrees from the College of Liberal Arts. Additional names will be added to this list as they become available.


Abdihakim Mohamed Abdullahi

Temitayo Grace Akinsanmi

Aboudouzac Amadou

Lauren Ammerman

Eric Michael Anderson

Kathryn Ann Anderson

Jotham Apungu


Sara Elizabeth Baldvins

Heather Bartishofski

Ryan Blake Baumgartner

Kwok Siang Beh

Dan Henry Belling

Ryen Birkinbine

Allison Blonski

Zachary Thomas Bolin

Matthew James Bongers

John Allen Brehm

Jason Edward Brennan

James Dale Bychinski


David Andrew Carls

Roy Zeke Schultz Cato

Wendy Lim Chan

Ya Tang Chang

Chuxin Chen

Eunbit Cho

Yu Lim Choi

Brandon Coombs

Ashley Joy Covelli


Daniel Disselkamp

Phi Doan

Oanh Tu Duong


Bryce Arthur Ellefson

Amanda Marie Esades

Melissa Eubanks


Peter James Falvey

Ryan Lawrence Flynn

Tristan John Frankus


Ning Gan

Sir Mark Anthony Gentry

Erik James Glewwe

Phillip Thomas Goldblatt

Sumeet Goyal

Alexandra Leigh Grant


Dongsoo Han

Mason Hart

Megan Hartmann

Eddy Hatab

Minlong He

Nicholas Mitchell Hein

Jonathan Dean Helander

Paul A. Henriksen

Stephen Stone Humble


Hannah Marie Irwin


Jacob P. Johnson

Bo-hyoun Jung


Angela Patricia Kaine

Kyung Pil Kim

Sooyung Leah Kim

Spencer Charles Knight

Samuel Koerner

Kyle David Koskey

Sarah Kragt

Sydne Kreitz-Still


Joshua Ladella

Jonathan James Lanthier

Mikaya Jo Larson

Boyoung Lee

David Lee

Ji Eon Lee

Samnang Lee

Kelly Nicole Lewis

Mingyung Lim

Minjay Lim

Shengsi Liu

Zhen Liu

James Lloyd

Julian Castro Lo

Jingru Lu

Daniel Luedtke

Apollo Lund

Sean Lund


Nur Zahidah Syahirah Marzuki

Juan Manuel Medina-Bielski

Rajvi Mehta

Jessica Lynn Michael

Mitchell Ryan Mills

Junchul Moon

Alexander Franklin Mullikin

Christopher John Murphy

Kevin Murphy

Nagilthes Muthu


Michael Walter Nagy

Phouthakannha A. Nantharath

Heidi Danielle Nelson

Nakisha Newell

Nga Quynh Ngo

Catherine T. Nguyen


Bee Kian Ong


Daniel Thomas Parrott

Divya G. Patel

Tess Marie Pederson

Lauren Anne Polski


Michael Allen Quigley


John L. Raia

Andrea Kristine Rediger

Adam Theodore Ringberg

Patrick Rothstein


Revy Christy Saerang

Erik Sahlin

Lauren Sauer

Benjamin Cody Schellinger

Jonathan Schmidt

Eric William Scholl

Alex M. Schrader

Ryan Francis Seidel

Jun Shin

Kelsey Ann Sneddon

Scott Michael Spear

Michael Kristian Srienc

Kayla Steeves

Michael Yu Sun

Minjae Sun

Steven Sylvestre

Andrew Casimir Szeliga


Shiy Yue Tan

John Thompson

Nhatquynh T. Tran

Vinh T. Tran


Matthew Phillip Urberg


Jonathan Van Dang

Nathaniel Thomas Vetter


Matthew D. Wasilowski

Jacob Werth

Monique Michiko Wickner


Andrew Xayamongkhon

Bing Xu


Panhia Lee Yang

Benjamin Haesung Yun


Liang Zhang

Yue Zhou

Joseph Zibley

Alexandra Zudova

Download a PDF of Who's Who 2012 photo and identification.