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Soliven honored for top poster

Postdoctorate Research Associate Arianne "Ari" Soliven was honored with an Award for the Top 10 Posters at the 2012 38th International Conference of Liquid Chromatography. Marcelo Filgueira, a postdoctorate research specialist, was recognized as one of 20 runners up in the competition. Both are researchers in Professor Peter Carr's lab.

Soliven's poster was judged to be one of the best of the 500 poster presentations at the conference. The award is based on a number of criteria including the quality of the project's innovation, its defense, and graphic presentation.

Soliven's poster was Peak Capacity Optimization of Low Molecular Analytes in Reversed Phase Gradient Elution Chromatography. A general protocol for optimizing peak capacity for small molecule separations under gradient elution conditions has not yet been put forth. By studying the effects of gradient time (tG), flow rate (F), temperature (T), phi final (Ffinal) and column length (L) on peak capacity, an optimization process has been developed based upon Excel’s Solver optimization strategy. This strategy employs the Linear Solvent Strength Theory to predict retention and has been proven successful for large molecule, fixed column format separations.

Soliven has been working in Carr's lab since March 2011. She obtained her bachelor's degree in medical science and chemistry, and her doctorate in separation sciences from the University of Western Sydney. She is interested in fundamental research and applications related to 1D and 2D separations in reversed phase liquid chromatography.

Filgueira is also a postdoctorate working in Carr's lab. He has been at the University of Minnesota since 2010, and has a master's degree from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata.