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Heroes of Chemistry award honors alumni's innovation

Two Department of Chemistry alum—Wayne Ranbom, Ph.D., and Ryan Smith, Ph.D.—were involved in an innovative project that earned 2012 Heroes of Chemistry award honors from the American Chemical Society (ACS). Both are chemists at Arkema Incorporated, a global producer of industrial chemicals. Smith was one of eight scientists honored with the Hero award, and Ranbom led the completion of the research team's projects.

Ranbom earned his doctorate in 1978 under the tutelage of Paul Gassman. He is the director of Research and Development for Functional Additives at Arkema. Smith earned his doctorate in 2002 under the tutelage of Professor Wayne Gladfleter.

Ranbom and Smith were part of a team of scientists honored for the scientific discovery, technical development and commercial implementation of atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition technology in the production of high performance window glass. Watch a video of this discovery at

The ACS Heroes of Chemistry program recognizes chemical scientists whose work in various fields of chemistry and chemical engineering has led to the successful innovation and development of commercial products based on chemistry. It brings attention to the important role of scientists in industrial chemistry and their companies in improving human welfare through successful commercial innovations and products.