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Standard Operating Procedures safety seminar, Tuesday, April 30

The Joint Safety Team (JST) and the Department of Environmental Health & Safety (DEHS) are hosting a safety seminar on standard operating procedures (SOPs) at 3 p.m. Tuesday, April 30, 331 Smith Hall. All students, faculty, and staff members are invited to attend.

DEHS representatives will answers some common questions about SOPs, including: What are they? What goes into an SOP? What types of SOPs should be in place in the laboratories? Why are laboratories required to have SOPs on hand? How often should they be updated? How are SOPs maintained?

The Joint Safety Team is composed of graduate students and postdoctorates from the departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. For additional information, send an email to  or visit its website.

Download a PDF of the poster for this standard operating procedures safety seminar.