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Aaron Massari promoted to associate professor

Aaron Massari joined the Department of Chemistry faculty at the University of Minnesota as a non-tenured assistant professor in the fall of 2006. He was promoted to associate professor, a tenured position, effective July 1, 2013. Starting this fall, he will be the Director of Graduate Studies for the Chemical Physics Program.

Massari attended Arizona State University, where he majored in chemistry and worked for several years as an undergraduate researcher in Professor Devens Gust’s research group. After graduation, he moved to Northwestern University, where he worked under the direction of Professor Joseph Hupp on projects focusing on the electrochemistry and solar energy conversion of self-assembled thin films. He continued his education by joining Professor Michael Fayer’s research group at Stanford University, where, as a National Institute of Health postdoctoral fellow, he learned the ins and outs of two-dimensional spectroscopy.

Massari's research concentration is in ultrafast infrared spectroscopy with an emphasis on organic electronic materials.

Massari is engaged in the number of outreach activities, including University on the Prairie, and Energy and U.