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Thirty-eight 3rd-year graduate students participate in symposium

Thirty-eight third-year graduate students will participate in the 12th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium, Tuesday, June 4. Four students will receive Beaker and Bunsen travel grants. Download a PDF of the symposium program.

This year's participants include Antonio Campos, Jesse L. Carey III, Victoria Chemistruck, Angel D. Cort├ęs-Morales, Adam Dittmer, Reed J. Eisenhart, Solaire Finkenstaedt-Quinn, Matthew L. Geiger, Joshua P. Halverson, Michelle M. Henderson, Amy L. Hogerton, Christopher J. Huber, Katie R. Hurley, William C. Isley III, Jonggul J Kim, Scott T. Kleespies, Rebecca K. Lindsey, Mohammad Mohsen Mahmoodi, Deirdre Manion-Fischer, John W. McAllister, Andrew R. Michel, Nicholas G. Moon, Maral P.S. Mousavi, Eric M. Nordland, Zhongda Pan, Mayank Puri, Pavel L. Rehak, Zhen Ren, Christopher J. Roberts, Jennifer A. Soltis, Dustin Sprouse, Amanda M. Stemig, Davood Taherinia, Kenneth J. Tritch, Jeffrey S. Vervacke, Ellis J. Warner, Benjamin Wilson, and Yaoying Wu.

This year's distinguished judges include Krista A. Fjare, Ph.D., director, Biofuels Hydrolysis, Phillips 66 Research and Development Department; Andrew Magee, Ph.D., vice president, Chemistry, Biothera; Joseph Schroeder, Ph.D., lead chemist, NatureWorks LLC; and Karen Schultz, Ph.D., materials engineer, Boeing Research & Technology. Faculty judges are Professor Michel Bowser, Steven Kass, Thomas Hoye, Sandy Lipsky, Doreen Leopold, Timothy Lodge, Lawrence Que Jr., and Donald Truhlar.

The 12th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium Committee members were Professors Christopher Douglas and Laura Gagliardi, Communications Coordinator Eileen Harvala, and Assistant to the Chair Christine Lundby. Technology support was provided by Webmaster Eric Schulz and Information Technology Professional Mike Casey.