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Student receives research fellowship

Julian Castro Lo, an undergraduate, has received a Pfizer-LaJolla Academic and Industrial Relations (AIR) Diversity in Chemistry Research Fellowship, which will enable him to continue his research with his professor, Professor Thomas Hoye.

"Julian continues to impress at every turn," said Hoye, Lo's adviser. "He is doing outstanding work in both the classroom and the research laboratory. He is working on a total synthesis of the structurally complex natural product phomopsichalasin. Julian has taken ownership of the project by accepting the mantle of the one primarily responsible for its success.

"The other day, Julian mentioned to me in a passing conversation about his course selection for next year, '. . . and I should be able to complete my synthesis by the end of that semester as well.' That is the sort of can-do attitude that is enabling—indeed, a necessity—for those struggling in the trenches with a challenging research problem," said Hoye. "I commend Pfizer for its support of promising students through this fellowship program, and I can report that Julian was elated to learn of his most-deserving selection."