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Chemistry participates in University on the Prairie

For the third year in a row, members of the Department of Chemistry participated in the "University on the Prairie: Where Can Science Take You?" This year's three-day "university" was conducted August 5 through August 7, at the Southwest Regional Outreach Center (SWROC) in Lamberton, MN.

Graduate students Chris Huber, Patrick Kearns, Zahra Sohrabpour and Ivan Spector, and Professor Aaron Massari helped with chemistry-themed outreach activities for nearly 70 students. This year's chemistry activities centered around analysis of unknown mixtures and contaminants by chromatography, pH analysis, spectroscopy, gel electrophoresis, and precipitate formation. 

The University on the Prairie program serves the rural population of young people between 5th grade and 11th grade to support the SWROC goals of enhancing rural vitality, agriculture and environmental quality.